Romana Torrefazioni:
fanatical about quality.

Our services

Romana Torrefazioni specialises in working on behalf of third parties and takes care of every aspect of the production process: from the buying and selecting of the raw materials to the various different packaging options.

The study and analysis of the blend so that only the best raw materials are purchased
Roasting the coffee
Packaging in different-sized plain packets
Packaging in packets with your logo

Who we are

We are obsessive about quality. By continually monitoring and assessing the production process, we can guarantee that the final product is of the highest quality.
Romana Torrefazioni was born from the experience of both national and international groups with close ties to the world of raw coffee and coffee producing countries. The company works exclusively on behalf of third parties with the aim of providing a 360-degree service to all operators in the sector.


A good blend must be studied; it must be created not only to meet the needs of the customer, but also according to their geographical region. The most important variables to consider when analysing and creating a blend are: the origins of the beans, the range of flavours, and above all, the price. Our network, tools and knowledge in the laboratory are the strengths that enable us to create, analyse, test and identify the blend suitable for all circumstances.

The Production Site

Roasting the beans is one of the most delicate phases in coffee processing. Although it seems simple, the process of roasting coffee is closely connected to the different technological specifications of the roasting machines, the amount of heat, the cooling process, and the organoleptic properties of the beans that make up the blends. Our experts have experience and technical knowledge of all aspects of coffee which, when added to a close collaboration with leading Italian roasting machine manufacturers, enable us to obtain the best result possible from every different type of coffee bean.
The competitiveness of the production process
Proximity to the port of Trieste, only 80km away!
Save up to 50% on transportation costs
Intrastat invoice in Europe

The Products

Romana Torrefazioni offers a complete and innovative range of products that can be adapted to small, medium, and large enterprises. A flexible and highly technical production process ensures a product of the highest quality.
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